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Beany – Performance

Beany aka Caitriona Fingleton grew up in Dublin, Ireland with the sound of Bob Dylan and Nirvana resonating in her young ears in equal measure to the Spice Girls and The Supremes. And so it’s no wonder that her debut material is a concoction of soul, folk-rock and pop with a zest of girl power. Her later-discovered love of jazz also makes its mark on the vocal styling and form of her songs, while her lyrical approach is introspective and often sentimental.

Since first appearing on Irish stages in May 2016, Beany (then Caitriona F) has performed at the Hardly Strictly Acoustic Festival, the Sonora International Cycle of Female Songwriters as well as numerous musical showcases around Dublin including a recent headline gig in Sin E.

Beany has just completed recording her debut single ‘Weathervane‘ with the acclaimed Little Wolf Records. It’s due for release on the 11th of November, 2017, but here we were delighted to have Beany join us for a live rendition of her upcoming single.

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