Blake’s Fortune – Performance


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Blake’s Fortune – Performance

Blake’s Fortune is the work of Irish songwriter and musician John Lennon who hails from Dublin. He previously recorded and toured with Pina Kollars, an Austrian-born folk rock singer, when they were signed to Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records. ‘Hello World marks his debut album and is a 10-track road-trip inspired by the American north-west.

We were very pleased to welcome Blake’s Fortune into The Sound Feed studio to discuss the first LP release from the Dublin indie-folk artist, including the artwork which depicts Point Reyes Lighthouse in California, with one of the tracks on Hello World also sharing the lighthouse’s title.

The album itself is filled with numerous tracks that give you something different, it’s quite a charming journey that Blake’s Fortune brings you on from start to finish, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing. For a debut album it offers many potential paths to go down on future releases and there’s no doubt that Lennon is more than just your average good song-writer. As well as receiving a glowing review on The Thin Air, it has also been picked up by music websites and blogs from outside of Ireland, in the likes of England and Spain. Released without much fanfare in a very low-key manner, Lennon is content to allow music fans to discover the album casually, wanting it to sit out there in cyberspace and allowed to breathe naturally.

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