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Kiruu – Interview

Kiruu Performance – Originally of Irish-English origin, Kiruu grew up in between Tanzania and Kenya. Kiruu is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who combines styles, languages, and influences from East Africa, Europe, and beyond, creating an eclectic sound with an interactive element. Currently his music career includes not only concerts and recording, but also workshops and educational activities, festivals and social projects in East Africa, Ireland, and Spain. Here Antonia interviews the artist discussing his inspirations and background, music writing and plans for the near future.

His most recent single which was released 1st of February 2017 (and which you can see above) tells a story. Recorded in Hellfire Studios, ironically, Peace is a song in both Irish and English that was Kiruu’s response to both the 1916 centenary celebrations in 2016 as well as world events in general. The message of the lyrics is summed up in the words “Seo le céad bliaina síochána” (“here’s to a century of peace”) “Often times, we hear a song, but we don’t know the story behind the story. In this instance, I feel the story of this song is very much worth sharing, for those who are interested or curious.”

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