Myth – Performance


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Myth – Performance

MYTH are a four-piece alternative rock band from Dublin. Their music consists of low end rhythmic harmonies, fat back beats and haunting vocal melodies. They have 3 years’ experience within Dublin’s club scene and, during that time they have carefully crafted their live show and music to leave a lasting impression that the audience can take home with them.

MYTH launched their latest single ‘Idiots / Savages’ on the 1st of April 2017 with a sold out show in The Workman’s Club in Dublin. Their live sets are an absorbing experience, moving from dark instrumentals to heavy rock sounds, the four-piece act are a tight unit on stage and their goal of having a memorable impact on their audience is achieved with great ease.

In our featured performance by MYTH they treat us to a rendition of their original song, ‘Stacey’.

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